Friday, September 13, 2013

Oh Happy day

Saoirse did not cry at school drop off this morning!!!
That's all I wanted to say really, because after days of listening to her scream and cry about changing schools I was about to break down and just keep her home in the mornings. Or beg and plead to get her back into the first school. Or just pull over and cry with the car in park. Again.

But guess who hugged me and said goodbye and kissed her brother on the foot and then sat down at the breakfast table fully composed? Oh happy day.

It's finally cool outside, chilly even, and I drove home with the excitement of fall blowing in through my windows and made big plans to clean the house and wear an apron and maybe even bake an apple pie even though I have no idea how.

Then I actually got home, got the baby to sleep and did absolutely nothing except look through old photos from this past summer. Oh and I did change one load of laundry, sans apron.

We're in such a transitional phase right now as the kids get back into the routine of the school year, some of them for the first time. And I must admit it's a bit of an adjustment period for me as well as I try to figure out what the heck to do with myself when the house is quiet. I can't just look at photos all day!

We had a great summer but I'm ready for crisp fall days, the warmth of a fire place and the smell of anything pumpkin baking in the kitchen. 

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