Monday, September 16, 2013

Night Weaning

The baby was up a million trillion bajillion times last night. Seriously, a GAZILLION times.
I decided last week that I was ready to night wean him. He's still been nursing two, three, maybe four times a night for a while now and I'm tired. I'm ready to sleep again.

Even though we are coming up on his first birthday (what the heck?!) I didn't use that as a guideline, like "Oh look, you're one now, awwww shucks, no more midnight milk for you....". No, it's just one of those things that happens naturally when you as a parent are finally ready to make a change. I assure you he would have been perfectly happy to keep nursing through the night for as long as I kept serving.

And that first night was torture, he was so sad when I simply patted his back at 3am instead of getting him out of the crib. Sad and a little bit angry. And it must be a little confusing because when I finally relent by 5am (that's the earliest we're back in business) it's still dark out and so in his little mind he can't decipher any difference between 3am and 5am since they both look exactly the same from where he lays his head, from where he rises.

Still, I'm hopeful that he'll just naturally fall into a longer sleep cycle now that there is no incentive to wake up multiple times a night and I'm just waiting patiently during the transition because I know a decent night of sleep is right around the corner. I can practically taste it.

Saoirse got a haircut this weekend and you guys, it is so flipping cute. I need to take a picture of the back which is all short and wedgie and messy and adorable. She keeps walking around telling Finn he doesn't even recognize her and he keeps asking her who she is. It is the sweetest dialogue you could ever wish to overhear. He is just wonderful.

And here I sit with my pumpkin latte (totally breaking the rules like a rebel) on a chilly Monday morning, looking through yet another batch of summer photos thinking about how tomorrow I need to make actual plans that do not involve being lazy all morning.

I might need some sleep, some decent sleep, before that can actually happen. Crossing my fingers.


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