Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fanning The Flames

I am getting lost again in a backlog of photos. And laundry. And dishes.
The twins have had hot lunch the last 2 days because there is no bread in the house and yesterday I gave Saoirse Ritz crackers for lunch. Hey, there was peanut butter on top. 

Today is my busiest day of the week (Thursday being a runner up) because it's straight to ballet after school and Micah needs a pick up from choir practice in the middle of rush hour, in the middle of nowhere. I'm sorry Franklin but you are in fact rather inconveniently located. Initially I told him no when he asked to join choir, knowing it would be a logistical nightmare, and I'm just that type of mom sometimes. The one who says no. Or at least I used to be? To his credit, he took it with grace. He came home with tidbits of information, "Mom, they're doing the Grinch this year" and would happily go about his business. I'd catch him humming "you're a mean one mister Grinch" while doing homework and I guess it made my heart grow a few sizes bigger? I'm sure it will shrink again during the commute.

In all seriousness though, he participated in the choir last year at school and loved it and it gave him the boost in confidence he needed to try out for the school play which in turn helped him land a leading role (Scarecrow? Wizard of Oz? Did I ever tell you any of this?). It was fantastic and it lit him up you guys. It helped him glow. And that type of light needs a little help sometimes. Someone needs to fan the flames just a bit. I'll drive to Franklin for that. 

I'm almost certain that the only thing worse than posing your baby in a basket that is used as a garbage bin, is putting him back in it a year later. We should probably stop using it as a garbage bin. That, or stop putting the baby in it.

Maija took Oscar to the library this weekend. He expressed some curiosity about various religions last week and she told him they could go get some books if he wanted to and of course he jumped at the chance. Brendan dropped them off on his way to Micah's football game and they caught the bus home. It was quite an adventure and the little girls were practically green with envy, especially when they heard he got to ride the bus! It really is the little things, right?

Nuala lost her second tooth. She actually just pulled it out herself. The first one hung around for ages and ages before it fell out and I think she just ran out of patience this time around and took matters into her own hands in true Nuala style.

We spent some time at my mom's work this weekend. I'm pretty sure the kids were in heaven. The University is tearing down the building she works in and so I agreed to go and photograph the classrooms as a way to help preserve the history of the center. Wow, was that a lot of work or what? And it sounds easy enough right? Taking photos of rooms? But it was not, and I have about 500 images just waiting for me to start organizing and editing. I should really be doing that right now......

Maija disappeared into the craft room this weekend and whipped up a few sock monsters. 

Othello is the next big thing around these parts. 
What can I say, it's a simple life friends.

And I can't leave you hanging any longer....

Ruari went with purple this time. Manic Panic did not disappoint.

And Sidhe went with pink, which looks super vibrant here but is meant to be a pale rose color.

And did wind up turning out quite light and lovely.
These ladies are so beautiful.

Poor Nuala is still a bit annoyed that she didn't get to dye her hair. Time child, there is plenty of time.

And still no rush to grow up faster than need be, it will happen quickly enough as it is.

Maija needs to dye hers and then we are done with hair for little while. I think?
Until the next wave of change begins.
For now we'll just enjoy the moment.

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