Monday, October 7, 2013

Go On And Be Fabulous

Maija went super short last week. I can't lie, initially I was a little bit shocked. Like, I was quietly freaking out and trying not to let it show (unsuccessfully might I add) but I have to tell you that she looks absolutely amazing. She loves it and it shows, and that type of confidence does not just come easily to everyone. I had a friend comment that she didn't think she could ever let her own daughter get this type of cut and it made me laugh a little bit to myself. I'm pretty sure that when Maija was a baby I could have been overheard saying the exact same thing. 

But the problem with that is babies grow up into kids, into teenagers, into people. They grow up and start making their own choices and taking control of their own preferences, ideas and dreams, and isn't that the whole point? I mean isn't that what life has been preparing them for since birth? If there is anything I've learned in the last few years of parenting it's that there are serious challenges and real life issues that we will face with our teenagers. Hair cuts? Hair color? Those don't even make the list in terms of what I need to spend any amount of energy worrying about or arguing over. It's just hair. Brendan and I decided that anything permanent (tattoos, piercings) needs to wait until the kids are 18 and out on their own, but as far as anything else goes? Go on and be as fabulous as you want to.

Seems that all I have to report on lately has to do with hair, hair and more hair.
I swear there's more to us than just hair.

At least we're moving past the cutting stage and entering the bleach, foil, dye phase.

And I'm pretty sure it's time for them to start branching out and taking charge. I know I did all sorts of things to my hair when I was younger (anyone remember the blond yellow crew cut I sported for part of junior year?). These girls have way better taste than I ever did. We had a lot of fun this weekend playing beauty salon. I don't have all of our "after" shots yet, but for now I'll just share a few glimpses of what it looks like when 3 teenagers take over the bathroom and mix up a bowl of bleach.

The two little girls were totally intrigued and kept close tabs on what was happening. Saoirse kept running through the house commenting on what a cutie Sidhe is in the most delighted voice. They wanted to know when they could dye their hair and were not very amused with my answer. I think it's safe to say I'll be a hair dye professional before all is said and done.

Get ready to ooooohhhh and ahhhhhhh over the amazing colors they chose.

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