Friday, October 4, 2013

Oscar's Famous Shoulders

We finally did it.
We finally got Oscar's hair cut. He's had a few teeny tiny trims over the years but never actually gotten a full blown cut before and after nearly 6 full years of growing his hair long we agreed to let him choose. For months he said he wasn't interested, that he was planning on growing his hair all the way down to the floor, thanks but no thanks. 

However, once Nuala got her hair cut and he saw just how easy it was for her to "brush" her hair he started having second thoughts. When Saoirse quickly followed suit and reveled in hair tangle free tresses he decided that maybe his sisters were on to something and told me he ready. Brendan agreed but only if Ashley (the world's best stylist) was the one to do the honors. She came over last week on Oisín's birthday and spent about an hour meticulously grooming his soft little baby hair...

The first thing he said after she was done was, "My SHOULDERS are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!".
He was still commenting on them the next morning.

As we got ready for school I orchestrated a quick porch photo, which everyone told me I didn't have time for, but I'm so glad I did it because LOOK......

Wow, just wow, I knew it would be a change, but I can't take my eyes off of him. I mean, I love this guy no matter how long his hair is, but seriously I wasn't prepared for just how beautiful his shoulders are.

Plus now the baby doesn't get to pull his hair.

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