Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Our Ever Growing Orchard

Well it's officially time to share some exciting news....

This coming April there will be another plump juicy Ojibirish baby joining our family.

I'm 15+ weeks along now and have had quite a while to wrap my head and heart around this news. The little one growing inside is already the size of an apple, fully formed and dancing around in there. I think we were very vocal about how Oisín was going to be our last child, about how he was going to be "THE BABY" of our family. And I can't lie, part of me felt guilty at first when I realized he was being stripped of his title at such a young age because he is in fact still a baby. At least to me he is.

But then I thought about how lucky our kids are to have one another, and how it's really a beautiful thing to watch them growing up together. There is something so special about their relationships, something that will hopefully serve them well for many many years to come. Something that I don't even get to fully be a part of but have experienced first hand with my own brother. Something I am now honored to witness as it unfolds between the siblings in this family we've created. Perhaps Oisín's role as "the baby" isn't as important as I thought it was. 

I know for a fact that there is room for one more in my heart and it looks like there is still a spot left on the porch, so come on little apple your orchard is waiting for you. 

P.S. I totally hope it's a boy.


Emily S. said...

I. Am. Ecstatic! And I love love love O's shirt. I am trying so hard not to sink into despair/envy that 1. You're a blogging madwoman lately 2. You are managing so much creativity and style with your kids and photos even while pregnant. I am delighted for you for all of the above!!! (See you soon!)

Special K said...

Oh WOW! I have goosebumps. I really really hope this does not happen in our family- I'm very mentally prepared to have Venice as "the baby" so I totally feel your emotion on that, I would be going through the same you are going through. But, I do feel bad that she doesnt' have a partner in crime to go through life with like our older 2 did.

Well looks like your life is going to keep getting fuller and fuller and fuller, time to carve out a bit more space and start nesting a bit. And hey, you can get more use out of those cloth diapers right?

Love your family from the internet, hope you are well and life keeps blessing you.