Monday, March 17, 2014

Close To The Nest

Another sick weekend around here, seriously can we just catch a break please? Pretty please? Or are we just getting it all out of our systems before the baby arrives? I suppose I can live with that. Random tidbits to wrap up the weekend: Maija gave me a book to read this morning. She told me about it a few days ago but then actually brought it home from her dad's house and gave it to me in the car as I dropped her and Sidhe off at school today. I feel like this is a big deal, I know I always say that, but this is the first time she's given me a book and so even though I haven't made time for much reading lately I am going to follow through with this one. Ruari read it too and both girls seemed to really enjoy it, I guess it's being made into a movie right now? Speaking of Maija she totally tore it up at the city-wide forensics meet on Saturday. She triple entered and brought home three second place trophies, one of which was for a category/piece she was attempting for the very first time. Wow.

Hmmmm, what else? Micah had a sleepover, Nuala and Oscar were both sick and stuck inside all weekend, Oisín got his first real cat scratch (which was totally accidental but still shocked the heck out of him), we finally started talking about baby names and of course I love one that Brendan hates and vice versa, I made some Goodwill magic happen and brought home a bunch of new books and board games which were put to great use (even if one of the stories brought me to tears on the couch in front of five unsuspecting kiddos), Oisín said "Sidhe" for the first time which is awesome because so far the only other name he's said is "Brenna", nesting began and I took Saoirse to a birthday party where she wanted to do nothing more than hide next to me or behind me for pretty much the entire time. I forget sometimes how shy she is. And I then I wonder if it's because there is not enough of me to give her what she needs. Which is exactly the type of self-interrogation that leads down all sorts of terrible paths and wastes valuable time along the way. In my heart I know she is fine and I just need to respect who she is and allow her the space she needs to continue spreading those wings. Somedays you're ready to dive in and other days you just need to stick close to the nest. 

Seriously you guys, she had to leave her children and return to the sea but would come and visit them at night? And bring them birthday gifts every year? I couldn't even hide the tears that morning and they know better than to ask me to read this one anymore, but Brendan has re-read it with them multiple times already. 59 cents at Goodwill never caused such an scene before.

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