Friday, March 7, 2014

Fruit Punch

Nap time couldn't get here fast enough today. I heard the baby Oisín crying at 12:30 last night, which he does occasionally so I didn't think too much about it but a few moments later I heard Brendan rushing back to our room and I knew something was off. Poor little guy had thrown up all over his crib and so we worked together to get everything cleaned up and then tucked him back in only to do it all over again within 20 minutes. Once we ran out of clean blankets I just wrapped him in a towel and pulled him into our bed so that he could at least have the comfort of being close to us. He was never really upset, very calm actually, but obviously it wasn't much fun for anyone. Still, it was a nice reminder of just how wonderful a true partnership can be and I feel very lucky to have World's Greatest at my side even for the small things like midnight laundry and countless puke checks.

Recent conversation with Nuala before I forget it.
Nuala: (menacing voice) They call me Fruit Punch for a reason!
Me: (stifling a giggle) Oh yeah? Why do they do that?
Fruit Punch: Because I once squished an entire piece of fruit with my bare hand and I have MAD karate skills!

Anyways she recently wanted to take Fozzie Bear to school for show and tell and I hesitated before asking her if any of the other kids bring stuffed animals. "No?", she replied with a giant question mark at the end, pretty much asking me why on earth it would ever even matter what the other kids bring. And she was right, so she took Fozzie to school and no one threw tomatoes, but I booed myself right off the stage.  

Otherwise the week looked like this:
The college acceptance letters keep coming in for Finn, he's going to have some tough choices to make soon. We went to the library and Oscar was thrilled to finally get his hands on a copy of Pearls of Lutra, he also started piano lessons with the same teacher Ruari goes to at a conservatory right here in the neighborhood. Nuala found a new series to start called Just Grace and it's nice to see her enjoying reading time. I decided that even though I'm not feeling very nesty yet that I should probably buy the baby something at this point and so I picked up a few cute blankets and sleepers. Micah's school offers a great feature through their Power School system that allows me to sync all his graded work right up to my calendar and I now get instant notifications regarding his progress. He wasn't exactly thrilled about this, but I wasn't exactly thrilled with his last report card so we're going to call it even. Saoirse won a new doll at a Mardi Gras party last weekend and they are pretty much inseparable, I think Princess Tag is starting to feel a bit like Woody when Buzz first arrived on the scene. I finally figured out a way to get Sidhe to have some breakfast, I make her a tropical protein smoothie nearly every morning and she rarely refuses it, SCORE! Ruari has forensics tonight, Maija is babysitting, Brendan and I are taking the twins to a potluck for their class and gearing up for the rush of another weekend. Finn and Maija both have meets tomorrow and I feel like there are at least three birthday parties on the horizon. Now that I'm using my phone calendar to cyber stalk my 10 year old maybe I can start using it for other events as well….


Special K said...

I love all your photos and updates as usual. To comment back on your consideration of a dog- I would suggest when your youngest child is 3. Your older children will happily do all the work, and love love love the dog if they are wanting one , I can guarantee it. But the puppy and babies and toddlers just do not mix well. It's very difficult to do them both together. Puppies bite and scratch and knock down. I really feel like I was pushed into a dog by the kids wanting one but it was "the worst decision ever" to get one for at least 6 months. I can't describe it- your newborn or 1 or 2 year old just needs so much of you , that you give and give and and give. And then they fall asleep so peacefully you feel so complete. WOOF. Your dog barks, wakes them up, needs to go out, needs YOU. Dogs are home ALL the time. So shoving them in and out of the crate is hard for them to deal with. I've been known to run into the house to grab something before the next errand and it leaves the pup so distraught. Anyway, if you DO go for a pup young or old, and it is bigger than 5 pounds , I highly recommend a dog walker that will take such dog out for a break in the middle of the day for you. With two littles, in the Chicago area, you will only find time to walk this cutie during the day maybe 8 months of the year. But the dog will want activity, at noon, outside, with you, on a walk, 365 days. It's a bit nutty. You could consider fostering for a month or joint-fostering with someone, to see how the dog fits into your household. They are so divine, they are so sweet, but many many women just lose interest when babies are young. When babies are older is better.

Samantha of the Ojibirish11 said...

Thanks! Yeah, I'm thinking it will be a few years yet. I love the idea but I know it would be too much for us right now. :-)