Friday, February 11, 2011

On This Day

I just finished this gorgeous Chloe hat by On This Day Designs.

Forgive my flash in this second shot, I was too impatient to wait for daylight and insisted that Brendan take some pictures of 'us' immediately. The colorway is better represented above.

It's a super quick knit, I used 7's along with my trusty Cascade 220 and pretty much followed the pattern to the letter. Except of course I have a giant head and so I threw in 12 extra stitches once I got past the brim, which allowed for an additional repeat of the decrease round and gave my melon a little bit of breathing room. The bow design is brilliant and fun to work, it involves wrapping stitches which is something I've never done before. I had a little bit of trouble with them, but the designer was more than happy to answer my questions and give me the help I needed, which was super sweet in my mind. So. Go. Buy the Chloe pattern and look dazzling in your new hat.

Sort of like this little one.

I recently finished another Hannah, this time in Cascade 220 (seriously cannot stop loving this yarn) and it's just lovely. Drapes way better than the Patons.

We've also been making headbands here. I totally forgot how FAST it is to whip something up with the sewing machine. Now if I could just get to the fabric store. I'm picturing about 100 of these super cute (and super easy to make!) bands strewn about the dining room table. Word on the street is that there are 5 young ladies in the house who would look lovely wearing them.

For now, you'll just have to take this Fraggle's word for it.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have some cleaning to do. Today, it's the "fun" kind. Organizing. I love arranging, sifting, compiling, sorting, oh yeah, the whole nine yards. Especially when it's jewelry and knits and pretty stuff. Who knows, maybe I'll even go crazy and tackle my yarn stash. Happy Friday lovelies!

Even this fun mess isn't going to scare me today...

Saoirse woke up from her nap early, I could hear her singing to herself all alone after only 45 minutes of being tucked in. Now, there are some days when a short nap might ruffle my feathers (annoy me) a teensy weensy bit. Not today though. As soon as I heard her sleepy voice I swooped in and scooped her up, totally interrupting her quiet crib time. Who wants to organize jewelry when there are toys to be scattered?

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Cate said...

Your work is beautiful, your baby is beautiful, and you are so beautiful! Even your pics of toys strewn about are so lovely and artistic-looking ~ your so-called messy house looks like a gorgeous, calm oasis! I love everything about your blog and your photos and your knitting and your crafting. How can one person have so many talents? There, I'm all done now,<3 yourewelcomeverymuch :)