Friday, February 25, 2011


Last Friday I took 7 children to witness a little piece of Wisconsin history. I wanted them to see it, to hear it, to feel it so that they can take it with them into the future as they grow up to be the young adults who will inherit the responsibility of this democracy.

I won't get too caught up in the details, but it was just incredible to share this with them and it was really amazing to be able to share it with the thousands of others who were there.

Moving on.....

What is it with baby toes? Even the semi-gnarly, in need of a clipping, more like toddler than baby baby toes? I just want to eat them up every time I see them, which is pretty often so you'd think I'd have lost my taste for them by now.

Nope, I'll order them with every meal thank you very much.

Lots of down time this week, but we got creative and made the most of it.

Although Nuala must have caught wind of my 'camera shy teenager' comment, because she suddenly decided that she was not having any of it when I took off the lens cap.

Maybe it's just because she was hard at work. Either way, she finally obliged me as long as I promised not to interfere with her process. So there we were, just the two of us at the dining room table, perfectly content to be working side by side. One baby artist with her furrowed brow and paint brush gently dabbing and one mama artist with her camera softly shuttering in the middle of an ordinary afternoon.

She was very careful and deliberate, taking time with each color and stroke. I love that about her. Nuala always goes to art at school, they have an art room and the kids can take turns going to art class each day. Oscar will often tell me on the ride home from school, "Mom....I skipped art today". Which for some reason I find absolutely hilarious, I mean he's only 3, a little young to be skipping class already. Plus it's art, it's ART, who wants to skip that? Well, besides Oscar?

Give him some massive puddles and some rain boots though and he's all over it.

I'm pretty sure his pants were soaked right up to his armpits after wading through this one.

As for these two? They've been building a snow masterpiece over at my mom's house practically every afternoon this week. I can't give away anymore details, but look for it soon.

And just because I've had these sitting around on the computer for a while now and I wanted to let you in on a part of our routine, I thought I'd share a coffe break with you. I must be one of the lucky ones because I get to have a coffee date with my husband every single week.

It is part of the weekend that I have come to absolutely love. We nourish this family with everything we've got, openly and whole-heartedly, but for one hour every Sunday we relax with each other, just the two of us. Well, there might also be coffee and pastry involved.

And for a brief moment it is as if someone has hit the pause button and we're floating, yes muffins can do that to you~they can float ya, in a cozy little pocket calm, just the two of us. Ha! I remember when we used to have a social life, and now an hour at the coffee shop, where you're never even guaranteed a table on account of there are always about 87 other people there (cozy pocket?), is suddenly our romantic getaway? My how times have changed....

But that's ok, because there is always this to come home to.

Life will always be changing. These days it seems to be changing faster than ever.

Suddenly there are teenagers in this house. Talking on the phone, dishing out middle school drama, facing real challenges with friends and getting ready for their last leg of childhood. Did you know that while at coffee the other day, Brendan and I were discussing the potential impact of having 3 teenage drivers in the house in the next 3 years? Yes, yes, even at coffee we're still talking about the kids, but did you hear what I said about having THREE teenage drivers soon?!? Yikes!

Until then let's just try to stay calm and enjoy the moment shall we? Tonight was light a fire and eat delicious left overs for dinner night.

Followed by a Just Dance party on the Wii, after which three kids needed ice packs because of dance injuries. I'm always frowning about how some of the games are too violent (and they ARE!) but watch out for the dance games because they can be just as dangerous. Wink wink.

I hope your weekend holds plenty of promise for laughter and adventure, as for me, I'm off to nibble some toes....

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Kadonkadonk said...

OMG - I would LOVE to see the pictures you got in Madison! Are you going to be there tomorrow? (Saturday?)