Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow Days

The blizzard swept down upon us Tuesday night. School had cancelled before the flakes even began to fall and so the kids knew ahead of time that Wednesday would be filled with shovels and mittens, snow pants and hot cocoa. I personally feel that half of the "magic" of school being cancelled is the part where you drift off to sleep giddy with anticipation at the thought of having a Snow Day. Drifting off to sleep not knowing if enough snow will pile up, but hoping and wishing that it will. As a child, it's like the only thing that could ever come close to duplicating the excitement you have on Christmas Eve as you're drifting off listening for Santa. Snow Days are like Santa, they're that magical.

I ran this theory by all my kids, asking them if it was sort of a 'let down' to know ahead of time. Turns out none of them felt let down at all, not in the least little bit, because school was closed after all and that's all that mattered.

Years ago when Brendan and I were just setting out, maybe a year into our relationship, there was a blizzard similar to the one we just had except I didn't know that school had made the official Snow Day call and so I got all the kids up, there were only 4 in school at that point~Micah was 2 and the itty bitties weren't even on the radar yet, and dressed and fed and bundled. We were actually heading out the door for the bus stop when my mom called to ask what we were going to do all day. Now that was a major scene to witness, everyone whooping and hollering and throwing hats and scarves around the room in celebration. It was like a Snow Day Dance.

Wednesday morning as we woke up and looked outside, there was no question in anyones mind about whether or not school was cancelled (and NOT just because we already knew ahead of time)......

We still got dressed, fed and bundled but never with any intention of heading to bus stops.

Not when the snow banks in the front yard were beckoning.
"I feel like a kid again!!!" Finn rejoiced as he sank into a snow tub.

I actually found a pair of adult snow pants in the basement and was able to trudge out in the drifts with warm legs. Genius I tell you, why has it been so long? Was I simply too stylish for snow pants all these years? Not anymore. (If you hung out with me at all in my twenties then you know just how funny this last statement is! Anyone remember the hot pink Dickies? Too stylish? Ha!)

It was a beautiful way to spend the morning.

Until Finn accidentally threw Nuala in a snowbank head first. She was not amused, not for one second, and demanded to go inside shortly afterwards (not before giving him a piece of her mind~watch out for that one, she's no shrinking violet).

Oscar was a bit more conservative in his play, after seeing Nuala's fate who can blame him?

Much of that first day was spent shoveling out the driveway and making a huge maze in the front yard. Brendan even decided to stay home with us and enjoy the relaxed pace that comes from being snowed in.

This shopping cart dates back to when Maija was a toddler. She used to love pushing it through the house while loading it up with her favorite toys. I don't think that she ever loaded herself into it though.

"Shop. Shop. Shop" Saoirse exclaimed when we found her all tucked up and squished in to the cart.

She even remembered to invite a friend along.

It wasn't too long before she realized that they were stuck and she began signing for "help". She has the most exaggerated way of doing this and while the picture doesn't begin to capture the cuteness, you'll just have to trust me; it's adorable.

Ruari spent a lot of time building and burrowing outside, but she was also great at orchestrating inside entertainment. This girl can set up the most elaborate games for the Littles and they are captivated for extended periods of time with whatever magic she's pulled out of her sleeve. She's way better at playing than I am. What's more, she gets them all organized and engaged and working together and they listen to her!

At least for the set up. I'm not sure that they're very interested in the clean up yet, but we're working on it.

And would you just look at this queen bean?

Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night because she has actually kicked me off of my own pillow. My.Own.Pillow. Because apparently it's hers now.

When school cancelled for a second day I gave in and let them watch some morning cartoons. Nothing says Snow Day like pajamas and cartoons and lounging around in mom's room, and that's exactly what these niblets did while the older girls made pancakes.

(playing around with Photoshop here, trying to sharpen up her eyes...)

Yes, we had great Snow Days around here. Although it is nice to be back to our normal flow today, and as I heard Finn creaking down the stairs this morning to pour his breakfast cereal I smiled a little before going back to sleep. I am a creature of routine.

Sidhe was kind enough to model the Sideways Grande hat I made out of Boutique Knits. This pattern was poorly poorly written and the editing? Non-existant. If I wasn't an experienced knitter I would have given up on this project, but doesn't it look darling on this pretty girl?

And here's the finished Hannah Newsboy hat that I modified for size. I upped the needle size, switched to a heavier yarn and did some math to jazz up the stitch count, all the while grumbling to myself that so much work should not have to be done for a purchased pattern, but it was worth it and I'm thrilled with the results.

So thrilled that I decided to immediately get to work on matching mitts. I finished one hand only to realize that I made the thumb gusset in the wrong place! Not making sense? See how the cable is running right next to the thumb? Yeah, it's supposed to be running directly down the center. Of course I didn't realize my mistake until I was casting off (meaning done). Oh well, I just made the other hand the same way and decided that there are way worse things in life than off center cables. Right?

Hope you stayed warm and safe and found a little bit of magic in your Snow Days. I'm off to start some pizza dough rising for tonight.

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