Monday, January 17, 2011

New Toys

I got a new toy for Christmas this year. A yarn swift (that fancy wooden Ferris Wheel looking thing on the right).

When I first started buying skeins of yarn I would bring them home and hand wind them into workable balls. It was exciting at first, but soon became tedious and time consuming and down right boring. Luckily my favorite yarn shop has a swift set up for costumers to use in the store, but even so I don't always have time to wind up yarn on the spot.

So we're all pleased to now be able to wind up a little bit of magic at our very own dining room table. I'm going to use this red Ultra Alpaca Light to make a cute little newsboy hat I just found on Ravelry.

I'm not sure that it will be nearly as cute as this headband though.

I just finished this last night and Ruari was more than happy to model it for us.

The kids went ice fishing this weekend with uncle Jason, who also took them sledding and just might be the best uncle ever.

I'm sure it was an experience they won't soon forget. I remember vividly my ice fishing adventures as a child.

And I know I said I wasn't going to do an official Christmas post and I won't, but here are a few shots from Christmas eve when we celebrated with my extended family. Vicki and Nick hosted this year and it was lovely.

And who could forget Christmas morning?

As usual I didn't take that many pictures. Mainly because I was just too busy. This is something I want to work on in the coming year.

And even though I can't really stand the flash on my camera, I am so happy to have taken at least a few pictures that day.

Because honestly, this is what I want to remember.

These silly, goofy, beautiful, amazing children.

This is what our Christmas was all about.

And who let these teenagers in? No, seriously, where did they come from?

And we'll end it with a flash back to last year around this time. Mmmmm, makes me want to find someone to go couch cuddling with.

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tigertatt822 said...

I remember grandma making me roll her yarn for her...LOL... she knew what child labor was :)