Thursday, January 13, 2011

Random Catch Up Post

So yesterday we went to the gym and I didn't take the stroller with me. I'm an idiot and a bad mom. Saoirse was downstairs by the key desk, Oscar was halfway up the stairs and Nuala was up and around and out into the parking lot.

Geez, get control of your kids lady.

I was feeling rather deflated when I trudged through the backdoor, only to be greeted first thing by these little rays of sunshine.

Not the Craisins, the flowers. I know it's silly but I may have gasped a little bit, out loud even, as the morning mishaps suddenly vanished. I simply adore this man. ADORE him. He gives me love and encouragement and support and hope just when I need it the most.

I never posted these from the fall, but this darling girl is another source of hope that I drawn strength from. Considering that I had her as a teenager with the odds stacked against us, I'd say we found our way home quite gracefully really.

She's so amazing. It actually does take a village and I'm so thankful for the one that gathered us into it's arms and saw us through those early years. She is amazing because of you.

I know I've hinted to this, but let me just say that I am having a hard time with the twins right now. I'm trying to keep my patience, but man oh man are they really testing the boundaries and Uggggg. I know it's a phase and we'll rise to the top once more, but jeez louise they're lucky they're so cute! So for anyone reading this who has any misconception that things are just hunky dory over here 100% of the time, well please ask my neighbors about the dragon in the driveway who can't seem to load her kids into the car without raising her voice! Nothing is perfect and nothing ever will be and that's why this life is so special. And just because I don't use this blog as a way to show you all my smoky dragon breath moments, well don't think they aren't there. I'm struggling in the beauty just as much as anyone.

And since I never did a proper Christmas post, and probably never will, here are a few randoms just to give you an idea. We did a ton of crafts during December. Some got finished and wrapped and lovingly gifted, while others simply got started.

I made an Advent Calendar this year. Well, half of one anyways. The kids had fun munching on "treat calendar" goodies each night right up until the 16th when their luck pretty much ran out. Next year I'll finish it, I really will.

Here's a kitty hat I knit for Sidhe.

And while Nuala didn't get her fish tank from Santa, she did get a few new fish friends to cuddle with.

Here's a little bluebird for Miss Ruari. I wanted to sew one for everybody, but ran out of time (shocker).

Diving way back into the archives, how about a little holiday parade (before Thanksgiving even) to get you in the spirit?

Maija and Sidhe marched in the parade with their school band and so we huddled up with some of our neighbors, who just so happen to be professional parade-goers, to clap and cheer and share some holiday joy. So thank you Joyce, because to be quite honest we were thinking about skipping the whole dang thing until you showed up with your contagious enthusiasm, the hot cocoa and popcorn were an added bonus.

So there you have it, some more playing catch up as we head into Friday afternoon. I'm so excited because we are going to my favorite pizza place tonight to kick start what is going to be a great weekend. I hope you stay warm and find some time to cuddle up with someone you love. The twins ask me every night to cuddle with them, and sometimes I'm busy, like really busy and say "no" and then I think, "what in the world are you doing lady?"

I have older kids. I know for a fact that they won't want to cuddle forever. And really, what's more important than a cuddle?

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