Friday, January 7, 2011


Now before I go getting all carried away with sunshine and ponies and happily ever afters, let me just say that not every day is going to be one of balance and harmony. I was reminded of this on a recent (as in one hour ago) trip to the public library when all hell broke loose while I was trying to lure three library fanatics home for lunch. You would have thought I was trying to take them off to jail had you been there to witness the scene.

Imagine Oscar standing at the top of a large staircase screaming his head off. Nuala at the bottom of the staircase making a swift beeline for the parking lot and Saoirse stranded in the middle of the staircase, in the arms of her bewildered looking fire breathing dragon of a mother. A dragon who also happens to be balancing about 13 books in her other arm while looking back in forth between the screamer up top and the dasher down below who she can actually no longer see on account of that one made it around the bend, through the doors, down the hallway and out, OUT, into the parking lot all by herself.

Then imagine a stranger walking past and asking "Is that YOUR child?" in more of an accusatory tone than an inquisitive one, while the baby throws her hat over the banister and books start sliding to the floor. Oscar still screaming.

"Yes, and if I had 6 hands then she'd be right by my side" I hissed through gritted teeth at the poor lady who probably was just trying to help, although she offered zero assistance. Quick assessment of the situation and the books were put down, Oscar was left to his screaming and Saoirse and I were out to the parking lot to collect Nuala who was definitely then dragged back inside by the hood of her jacket to the check out desk. Luckily Oscar had pulled himself together by this point, didn't much care for performing for strangers once mom was out of sight, and a wise librarian had already scanned our books. At the counter Nuala was able to stay close by (although this was partially because I literally smooshed her between the counter and my legs~who needs 6 hands when you have strong thighs?) and we were finally able to make a clean getaway with as much dignity left (none) as possible.

"We are never and I mean never ever EVER coming back to the library ever again!!! (insert breath of fire)" the dragon roared in the parking lot.

So, yeah, there you have it. How's that for honor?

Luckily for us, baby dragons are pretty darn cute and mama dragons don't hold grudges, and even though there are roaring moments, we usually have a much tamer soundtrack around these parts. Like splashing in puddles while dancing under rainbows.

Crunching in crispy snow.

Kissing a frog prince.

Or stirring sidewalk stew. These are the more prominent and gentle sounds we listen to and hum along with everyday.

And if those don't calm the spirit, well, there's always the realization that Friday brings the weekend and the promise of date night, which usually looks something like this.....

No dragons allowed.

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Terri Johnson, Ph.D. said...

thanks for the laugh...i luv that you have dragon and I hope to one day see it. ;)