Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cookie Time

Get out your check books and dust off the cookie jars because the Girl Scout cookies have arrived! Our total order was relatively small this year since we procrastinated during the peak selling dates, but even 100 boxes of cookies laying on your dining room table feels like a couple boxes too many. 

The girls had a great time sorting and stacking all the pretty boxes into their proper piles, making sure that all the orders were complete and accurate, and then came the best part.....
Delivering the cookies!!!
Who doesn't like spreading a little joy around the neighborhood?

*This is a good shot of all three hats I finished for the girls, although Sidhe still needs 2 pom poms to complete the look.*

For all of you who are outside of our wagon delivery area, don't worry, your cookies are safe and Maija will be calling you soon.

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