Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Well, let the nesting begin! Here we are in the third trimester, the homestretch, the final 12 weeks of my final pregnancy. So it only makes sense that I am finally nesting in a BIG way. Last week I decided to do what any pregnant lady does and I rearranged our entire living room. Oscar was beside himself with worry as he watched the couches and chairs getting pushed around his once orderly kingdom. I thought he was going to have a mini nervous breakdown over the whole thing. Nuala on the other hand was giddy about the renovations and enjoyed climbing on the coffee table and couch hopping.

I am quite thrilled with the results, especially with this corner. For the past 6 months or so we have been using our old dinning room table as the computer desk. While it is a beautiful table, it was simply too big for our living room, it is now in our breakfast nook and the new slim lined computer desk has been working out just great.

Here are some before shots to give you a little sense of direction....

As a reward for all of my hard work, I went out and bought a delicious little treat.....

I can feel a new project in the works.

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