Tuesday, March 24, 2009


It has come to my attention that this is the year I will be turning 30.
I feel pretty good about it actually.
If there is anything I have learned during my twenties, it's that this life just keeps getting better and better with each passing year. I have experienced so much growth as a human being, as a partner and a friend.
As a mother.
Yes, I am truly looking forward to what the thirties have in store for me and I am excited to see how much further I will grow along the way. 


Today I am 30 weeks pregnant. June8ug is now supposedly 18 inches long and approximately 3 pounds, which would obviously account for how gigantic I suddenly look and feel. Obviously. I am beginning to feel a little nervous again about life with a newborn and how we will all adjust to our newest addition. For me, it is really a matter of sleep, or should I say LACK of sleep. I am getting at least 8 hours daily right now and it is still a struggle to get up each morning, how on earth will I do it after nursing a newborn all night? I have flash backs to when the twins were born and just how insane the sleep deprivation eventually became and it makes me shudder a little bit with actual fear. I found this journal entry today, back from when the babies were 5 months old....

April 8th 2008

Ode to sleep deprivation~

Oh sleep deprivation how do I loath thee?
Let me count the ways.....
2am, 3:45am, 5am, 6:15am.

I would try to come up with something a little more clever, but the lack of sleep seems to be inhibiting my creative wit.

I've actually been considering putting in my two weeks. I'm sure the babies will prefer having someone who is more energetic. Of course I'll stay on until they can find a suitable replacement. Someone who encompasses all of the desirable qualities that I seem to be lacking lately.
Such as general housekeeping skills, a basic makeup regime (snarls and zits need not apply), an optimistic outlook, an ability to read minds and/or decipher baby babble, a natural talent for multi-tasking, staying organized and one step ahead of the game at all times. A woman who can predict the future, have eyes on the back of her head, ears that can hear everything and a killer smile to boot.
Juggling a plus.

I joke around with all who will listen about how ONE baby will be sooooooo easy after weathering those first few twin months, but then I actually think back to when I did just have one baby and I can't help but acknowledge the fact that even just ONE baby is a lot of work. So that's where we're at, I've got the third trimester glow, I am nesting like an insane person and I have re-invited my fear to tag along for a bit. Fear and I were frequent visitors at the beginning of this pregnancy, but for a time we parted ways, sought other companions, made different plans. I can only hope that this recent reunion is short and sweet.


We have begun renovations on the bedroom that all 3 girls share. My lips are sealed until the job is completed, which will hopefully motivate me to finish the work, but here's a sneak peek for now.....


Micah got his ear pierced last Thursday. He has been talking about it for years now, and we have always jokingly entertained the notion, but this past week he meant business. He's never been one to cry much for needles, he watches each vaccination being administered with silent curiosity, and so he wasn't even nervous before hand. He sure did cry though once it was over and he had a minute to absorb some of the shock. 


We are entering a very busy time of year here for us, Finn, Micah, Brendan and Maija all have birthdays coming up in the next 5 weeks and we are also hosting Easter dinner this year, so we will be very busy indeed. Perhaps all the festivities will make for some serious spring cleaning, nothing motivates you like a party or two or five!


Lastly, we had another gorgeous weekend here, and so I'll leave you with a couple of pictures I captured of Maija and Brendan who were surprisingly willing to humor me long enough to catch them on film.....or at least on memory card.

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