Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Hands down, no exceptions, no arguments, Finn is the best big brother in all the world.
He attends to the twins with natural ease and they simply adore him. They stand by the front window anticipating his return from school and shriek with glee when he finally appears. He truly loves them and is not afraid to show it to the world, with hugs and tickles and goodnight kisses, and I am grateful for each exchange.

In a couple of years Finn will be off living the life of a high schooler, and will be preoccupied with the teenage world, a rather frightful place if I recall correctly, and then he’ll start college and have even less time to share with his youngest siblings. 

12 years is a tremendous age difference and I know they will feel the mounting distance shortly down the line, and so for now I will soak in every game and giggle that bonds them together and not worry too much about what lies ahead, and what will separate them in the future.



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Anonymous said...

Who does HE love best? RAWR!!!