Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Takes a Village

SO we finally set up our Christmas village, a long running tradition in our household, and even though we have yet to hang the stockings or trim the tree, the village seems to be enough to appease the masses......for now.

What I truly love about the Christmas village is that all of our kids can still find some magic in it, and they all enjoy playing with it.

Today when I walked past, early in the morning, I was startled to find all the villagers laid out across the snow. I shrugged it off and hoped that they were simply sleeping and had not fallen victim to some catastrophic natural disaster....

By lunch time I noticed the carolers had gathered together in the town square, and was relieved to see that all was well once more in Christmas town.

Sometimes, the strangest things can bring a smile to my face

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Suzy said...

SWEET!!! love the site (espeshley the pic. of the girls.)!

Sincerly, Suzy Scotty:)