Friday, December 19, 2008

Warming up

After the kids had been outside for what seemed like perhaps a little too long. 
Like "frostbite" long, we called them inside.
Naturally, they pretended not to hear us which relieved some of my frostbite fears, although they sure did have some rosy cheeks....

Once inside we warmed them up with delicious hot cocoa.

And what cocoa would ever be complete without a cinnamon stick?

Notice how Brendan engraved each child's initial onto the end of each stick, and just in case you were wondering our 2 M's are differentiated by upper and lower case letters~he's so clever :)

My favorite trick for warming up is a big helping of Brendan's hearty Hungarian Goulash, if you're ever in the neighborhood stop on by and we'll warm you up a bowl.....

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:pG said...

what a horrible day you all had! :p