Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Winter Puddle Land

Yesterday afternoon saw highs near the 40's, which is considered pretty warm here in Wisconsin. The sky was a bright sea of blue and the sun was out if full force. I began to wonder, 'when was the last time we actually went outside?'. No, not running from the backdoor to the van outside. OUTSIDE outside.
And for the life of me I couldn't remember, isn't that sad? Our poor babies have been stuck inside for weeks now and are beginning to catch a little cabin fever. So, I wrangled them, changed them, bundled them, wrangled them again and then strapped them into their new wagon (thank you Santa) and we hit the trials.

The babies were relieved for the change in scenery and the fresh air did us all a lot of good. 

Oscar was very serious about the entire affair,

I'm not sure if he blinked once the entire time, he didn't want to miss anything!
Nuala was a bit more laid back, and enjoyed riding through the puddles.

I was really hoping that we could do it all over again today, but unfortunately we are back down below freezing and our puddles have turned to ice once more. Guess we'll wait for another warm day.....

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