Monday, December 29, 2008

Of All the Charlie Brown's....

You're the Charlie Browniest....
On the day after Thanksgiving I mentioned to Brendan that we should go and get a Christmas tree, but we both balked at the idea almost immediately. Since we hosted Thanksgiving dinner, the house was a wreck and we were both reasonably exhausted, so instead of heading out with bungee cords, we had some left over pie, ran another load of dishes and took a nap.

Over the next few weeks our plans and good intentions for purchasing the perfect tree were met with resistance, most of which was weather related, although I must admit that some of it was indeed due to procrastination. The kids began to inquire about the lack of seasonal ambiance, and whisper about it to one another. I think they worried that we were going to skip a tree altogether, can you imagine? Where would all the presents go?

Finally, on Christmas eve, with no time left we rolled into Stein's and saved some poor sapling's soul from certain and imminent death by incineration. We were on our way to Peg's for our big family get together, and I told Brendan to get back on the freeway, he voiced some concern over this and eyeballed the roof of the car nervously. 

"Oh, come on, what's gonna happen? The tree will be just fine, I'll take full responsibility if it falls off" I argued. Sure enough not 60 seconds onto the freeway, the tree all but fell off the top of the car, and of course in my typical way, all I could think was that Brendan must not have attached the poor thing properly.

So there you have it, our Charlie Brown Christmas tree, and the dangerous lengths we went to acquire it. My favorite part of the whole thing is that when the kids came downstairs on Christmas morning, more than one of them had to ask "where is the tree?.......Oh, I didn't even notice it over there".

Next year we are buying the biggest most beautiful tree on the lot, and we are getting it the day after Thanksgiving!


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