Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Before I Forget...

Saoirse will stare you down. She will stare you down and she will win.
She doesn't like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (what child, what adult for that matter, does not like pb&j?). She doesn't like potatoes. She really doesn't like sweet potatoes. She still nurses at least once every 48 hours, it's a gradual process, just when I think she's over it she's looking at me like I've been starving her for weeks, like I've been giving her nothing but peanut butter and jelly and sweet potatoes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Saoirse doesn't talk much, she has maybe 10 words and one of them is "yay" so I'm pretty sure that doesn't count, although I'm not sure why. It's a great word when you think about it and it certainly sounds like magic when I hear her saying it with loud gurgly 1 year old enthusiasm. You should hear her say "bubble" (yes, yes, the girl only has 8 words and one of them is bubble, what gives?) it is maybe the cutest thing you have ever heard in your life. Seriously.

Saoirse is tough. Rough and tumble tough. She likes it when I bite her fingers and growl at her. Two things I would have never even considered doing with my older kids, and please don't ask me how I came to know that these are things that tickle her fancy, they just are. Her laughter is contagious.

Saoirse likes the cats. She really really really likes the cats. She will drop anything and everything when she spots one coming. Her new favorite pastime is cat cuddling. She's not very good at it yet though, and so while Saoirse absolutely adores the cats, they're not nearly as impressed with her. Not yet anyways.

Saoirse still uses a pacifier, but only in her crib. She makes a big production out of showing us right away when she gets her hands on one during non-crib hours and then we make a big production of chasing her around the house to confiscate the contraband. We had the twins weaned of their paci habits at around 14 months. Saoirse is now 17 months.

Saoirse is nearly as old as the twins were when she was born. This boggles my mind. She is still such a little baby in so many ways. The twins were still little babies when she came home to join us, how the heck did we manage it? I can barely remember.

Saoirse wakes up first from the afternoon naps in our house, mainly because it takes the twins forever to fall asleep, so by the time they finally drift off, she's nearly done in dreamland. We get a nice quiet time together most days. Time for staring contests, growling and maybe even a finger nibble or two.

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Terri Johnson, Ph.D. said...

I'm with Saoirse...no P&B sammiches for me either!