Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween. We were busy sewing and hot glue gunning right up until "go time". It's a Trick or Treat tradition.......oh who am I fooling? We're usually always running 2 steps behind, especially around the holidays. Such procrastination meant that I could only get some it's-already-dark-outside-so-you-will-be-forced-to-use-the-flash photos.

Saoirse was not happy. Seriously, she took one look at Finn and his scary mask and just lost it.

Sidhe went as a jelly fish. We got the idea from Martha Stewart and it looked easy enough....

I guess Martha didn't wait until the day of to start her costume? Maybe she gave herself more than 5 hours to create her masterpiece? Just a guess. Luckily for me, Sidhe was more than willing to help make her tentacles, a sort of painstaking process that involved sewing ribbon and tulle very delicately. She did a great job.

Maija was Medusa. We were going to put together an elaborate updo, but opted for an old wig and the glue gun at the last minute

Finn earned mega bonus points with me by deciding to reuse last year's costume. Sure, part of me felt guilty about it, but in my defense, I had been asking him about costume ideas for a few weeks. I tried to convince him to be a vending machine, how cute would that be? Turns out high school boys don't really like to be "cute". And they don't really mind recycling costumes, so long as there is candy involved.

Now, Ruari on the other hand gave her costume some serious thought and together we gave it the time and planning it required to create it. This little cookie generated some serious buzz. Everyone was talking about the Oreo. My only regret is that I couldn't talk anybody into being a carton of milk.

Oh you should have seen how much candy the older kids hauled home that night. They sat down around the dining room table with rosy cheeks and red tipped noses and began the serious business of taking inventory, organizing and of course trading. There was some fairly intense negotiating taking place. Maija loves the Double Bubbles, Ruari is a Laffy Taffy lady, Finn will take all your Nerds or Peanut Butter Cups and no one, and I mean NO ONE wants the Fire Balls.

Of course by the next day, when the sun was shining~no flash required, the older kids were done dressing up, they were on to bigger and better things, like the Packer game, and so it was just the three littles for an outdoor shoot (and honestly, even they needed persuasion. Good thing there was candy laying around).

And I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves. I've got to go pick up the twins from school and I'm pretty sure I just heard Saoirse letting herself into the bathroom, so I'm afraid I'm out of time here. The twins had a blast this year, even during the night time trick or treating. I took them around the neighborhood while Brendan was passing out candy, and of course by neighborhood I mean block, but they were very excited about it, and even that one block took us over an hour!

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