Saturday, November 6, 2010


I'm not going to write a big gooey love letter this time. I'm not. How could I possibly put into words how I feel? I keep trying to start this, to write this birthday post and I keep winding up with tears in my eyes and that's not what I want for this. There is no sadness here, just light and laughter and incredible love. I still catch my breath and feel my chest tightening when I realize just how lucky I am to have them, to know them, to get to spend every day with them. To have been blessed with them, by them, for them. Damn these tears.

Who knew that this is where we'd be three years later? Three years in the blink of sometimes teary eyes and I wouldn't change one.single.thing. Thank you God, Great Spirit, Whoever You Are That Knew And Gave This To Me, Universe. Thank You.

Seems we have traveled so far together.

I am so glad we got a new camera.

Big thanks to Sydney for bringing over the coolest cake on the planet! Thanks for making their birthday so special.

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