Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bunk Beds

We finally did it. We no longer have three cribs in the 'nursery'. About two weeks ago we moved the twins into a bunk bed and they love it. I was of course worried, but they have been doing an amazing job. There are some nap time shenanigans and our night time routine has changed a bit, but honestly I thought it was going to much more difficult than this and once again they have proved me wrong. It was a little bit hard though, taking apart those cribs and realizing once again that there is just no turning back. I feel as if those cribs represented the last little bit of their 'baby-hood' and while it's exciting to look forward at everything that awaits us in the future, it is bittersweet saying goodbye to those little bits. There is something great about big beds though and it's that I can now cuddle with them each night during our tuck in time, and it nearly makes up for any of the lasting taste left over from letting go.

Nuala is hilarious up in her 'nest' and her new thing is to take her pj's off every single night. Oscar loves the bottom bunk because it's sort of like crawling into a 'cave', at least that's what he's been calling it for the last two weeks. "I have to go in my cave now mom".....It's so dark in there I couldn't really get a decent shot of it, but here's Nuala's view from the top.

So, we're down to one crib. Saoirse still naps in our room during the day (we have a port-a-crib set up in there), but all three go to bed together in their room at night. Pretty soon Saoirse will have a trundle bed that tucks under the bunk and we will be crib-less for the first time in years!

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