Thursday, November 18, 2010


Sometimes this house gets so quiet you would never believe that 10 people live here.
This morning for instance, 5 big kids had already left for school and it was pretty much silent. So silent in fact that I had to go and investigate. I found three littles sitting in their room reading books. All three of them on the floor silently flipping through the bright colored pages of their favorite picture books. It was the sort of moment that you, as a parent, do not want to interrupt. So before I could break the spell, crash in on their rhythm with something so minor as a creaking floorboard or a clearing of the throat, I slipped away as quietly as I could and left them to their stories. Sometimes quiet is good.

Other times quiet means that someone is up to something. Like yesterday for instance when it was quiet for just a little bit too long. Quiet as in someone had gouged out half a pan of brownies quiet. Yeah, there's always a point when good quiet turns into suspicious quiet.

Like right this second I can tell that the quiet calm of book reading is over and from the sound of things Nuala and Oscar scaled the baby gate at the bottom of the stairs and are running around up in Micah's room. And with this new turn of events, I bid you good day.

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