Friday, July 30, 2010


Did you know that up until yesterday Nuala was afraid of butterflies? Seriously afraid. She always wanted to go into the butterfly exhibit at the museum, but every single trip would end the same way. With us making a rather hurried and graceless exit before she had the chance to hyperventilate or scare the other butterfly seekers with her deafening screams. We've been working on this over the past few months and it seems we have made some progress.

I can't tell if her new found courage is because of our try and try again approach or if she figured that after crayfish, butterflies are a breeze.

Maybe watching her big sister mingle with the winged beasts helped.

Whatever the case may be, she was calm and collected the entire time.

Dainty and graceful even.....

Until we left the butterflies and moved on to the bugs that is.....

We're leaving tomorrow for a my next race, which is another triathlon sprint, but will be back Sunday evening with lots of new stories to share I'm sure. I've been training rather casually since the Trek and am not anticipating any new times, if anything they'll be longer since the bike is 15 miles instead of 12 and rather hilly. I'm looking forward to it anyways. Have fun on your adventures this weekend.

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Sara said...

Love love love the butterfly pics. So cute, and the squishy face one too.