Friday, July 23, 2010

Cross Your Fingers

Somedays you just wake up to find that you did in fact roll off the wrong side of the bed. It's ok. It happens sometimes. We all have days like this every once in a while, right?

Days of protest and conflict. Days when we don't very much feel like smiling for the camera or for anything really. Days when the moody blues swoop in to interrupt our regularly scheduled programming.

The funny thing about being two years old is that when you stumble unknowingly off the wrong side of the bed and into the fogginess of such a day, such a terrible horrible no good very bad day, well, you don't have to smile along, or chin up or pretend that everything is ok. Because you're two and you don't really know how to fake it, you only know how to just BE. And so when you're sad you can let the whole world know all about it for as long as you like.

And then just cross your fingers and hope that tomorrow will be better.

Oh this little girl, how I could just eat her up, even when she's got a mad case of the crummies. She'll still cuddle every once in a while. There is a window of opportunity in the morning and again after nap when she will melt right into a pocket of cuddle time and I can cradle her again and she's my baby girl. A moment for just the two of us when she isn't a twin or a big sister or even a little sister. Just a moment for her to be the baby girl and for me to be the baby girl's momma. I try to sneak these quiet cuddle dates every chance I can. She's a slippery little thing though and I have to be quick otherwise the opportunity is gone and she is off on another adventure, one in which she is most certainly NOT playing the part of the baby girl.

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Kadonkadonk said...

That adorable girl has so much Samantha in her! Pretty soon she will be skipping school to feed geese and eat greasy diner food...

Scratch that - she will be a straight A student and get a scholarship!!!