Sunday, July 18, 2010

Full House

After three long weeks, we finally have all eight kids under one roof again.
Finn, Sidhe and Ruari were out east visiting family and got home this past Friday.
As I'm sure you've noticed by now, we like to celebrate with cake....

Coming home parties are my absolute favorite kind.

And I know you're tired of cake guts, but the inside of this guy was too gross to pass up. Nuala was helping me in the kitchen a little too much on Friday morning, and after greasing the cake pans I turned to discover that she had gone to town with the food coloring and the batter. We improvised after that. She was so excited to help though, and even more excited about her brother and sisters coming back home to her. I swear, her and Oscar were like little love sick puppies the entire time the kids were away.

So now we're settling back into our busy summer routine. The kids had a wonderful time on their vacation and I'm so glad they have such loving family to embrace them, but I have to admit that I sure did miss them and there's nothing quite like having a full house!

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