Thursday, July 1, 2010

Every Once In A While

I forgot how fun it can be to have cones in the pantry. Honest to goodness cones in a box in the cupboard that you can fill with ice cream at any given moment to enjoy in your own back yard whenever you so choose. And that's exactly what we did tonight.

I am going to be a menace with the collage factor....

Oscar's very first bite was from the bottom of his cone and so I was sure he would turn into a big soupy Neapolitan mess. Yet he was the one to finish first (see how he's already moved on to toys here?) and while he did has some sticky cheeks it was nothing compared to Nuala.

Nuala actually became somewhat exhausted with the entire affair and began slowing down by the time she hit actual cone.

All the while paying attention to the ice cream puddles that were steadily multiplying near her tiny little toes.

Saoirse, although cone-less, found joy in the ice cream social and I'm sure she knows that her very own cone is waiting for her somewhere in the not so distant future. I hear she's partial to mint chocolate chip.

As for me? Well everyone deserves a cone every once in a while.

Even if my version of every once in a while means every other day....

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