Saturday, July 31, 2010


We've just finished packing up for our trip and I have to admit that I'm excited. I thought I wasn't going to be as excited this time, especially since over the past few weeks I've been so casual about this triathlon. But after gathering all my gear and making a last minute dash to the store for a race belt, I actually have butterflies in my stomach. So many butterflies in fact, that I couldn't even eat any of the pancakes we made this morning.

The twins are not coming with us, just Skittles, and I'm feeling sort of sad about that right now so I had to get my fill early today.

Nuala loves to help in the kitchen, I'm thinking she might need an apron of her own.

We got a new poing and shoot this week, a Panasonic Lumix, so we're testing it out....ehh, it will do. We're heading out now, I've got the bike loaded, the kids loaded, the cameras loaded, and I suppose the jitters are here to stay so they're coming with us too!

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