Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Long Engagement

After a long engagement we are finally getting married.
In 51 days to be exact, but who's counting anyways?

I spent a fair bit of time this morning looking at old photos from the night we got engaged. From back in the old days when we had a small family; when we only had 5 kids. It seems so impossibly long ago now......

I also spent a fair bit of time this morning getting excited, really, really, REALLY excited about our wedding! The whole thing. I'm a rather lazy bride to put it politely, but today I finally started feeling the anticipation that I imagine most non-lazy brides have been feeling their whole lives. I found my prince charming, I got my fairy tale and I am living my dream.

So why shouldn't I get excited about rocking a fabulous dress and making it official with the man I love? In fact now that I think about it, what on earth took me so long?

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