Monday, February 23, 2009

Express Service

I just spent 2 hours getting an "express service" oil change with two babies in tow who were even more pleased with the situation than I was.
When we bought our van back in 2006 we probably could have done a few things differently....I won't embarrass us by going into the numerous mistakes we made, just know that there were many seeing as how we were first time buyers and basically let the dealership make all the decisions, and well....they pretty much slaughtered us.

Now to be fair, I am in LOVE with our minivan and I have to say that aside from a few pet peeves of mine, all of which are extremely superficial, the Odyssey has exceeded all of our expectations. The dealership however has not. And although our oil changes are 'free' (not quite true since we had to upgrade to the Car Care Package in order to receive them) I am beginning to wonder if it's really worth the rigamarole. Anyways, here I am one new engine filter and three new wind shield wipers later wondering what on earth possessed us to buy from a dealership way on the outskirts of town in the first place!?! To add insult to injury the babies fell asleep on the drive back into the city which of course made their morning nap at home a complete wash.
Good thing we got some free cookies out of the deal.

And in other completely random and highly uninteresting news, we have approximately $45 worth of cold cuts in our fridge that will surely go to waste even in this large family, so if anyone wants to drop in for lunch feel free.

***Also, we need 4 new tires. Is it unrealistic of me to think that for $1,000 our tires should last longer than 30,000 miles? Is it?***

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