Monday, February 23, 2009

School Days

Seeing as how I just started our family blog a few months ago, there are a number of events that have not gotten the documentation they deserve. This flashback is from September 2008.....The first day of the school year!
Micah started K-5, Ruari began 3rd grade, Maija and Sidhe welcomed 5th grade while Finn officially became a 7th grader and started at a new school. Yikes.

Even Nuala was excited about the big day....

We always have a lot of fun snapping pictures of those first day jitters, each and every year....




And there you have it, some school day history in a nutshell! Phew, this has certainly been a day for uploading pictures, and just so you know there are plenty, PLENTY more where these came from. I have all but given up on our coffee table albums of actual paper copy photos, I'd better start catching up with those some day soon. Look at this last picture of Maija and Sidhe, oh how young they were just starting first grade. They have grown so much over the years, grown closer in some ways, grown apart in others but have grown stronger and more beautifully than I could have ever imagined possible.

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