Monday, February 23, 2009

How Much For That Baby In The Window

Our house is often times referred to by long time neighbors as the "Dalmatian house" since for many years there were two Dalmatians perched in this very window keeping an eye on the neighborhood. Tigger and Shiloh may be gone, but they have two babies keeping tradition alive and well in this window sill. Nuala and Oscar love sitting in the sunroom peering out the front window keeping tabs on the world around them, telling me all about the bus they just saw or the dogs that just walked past. But nothing and I mean NOTHING is more exciting then when they see Brendan arriving home from work in the afternoon. Oh how they rush to the window then.

And since we're on the subject, did I mention that EVERY TIME I turn around there is a baby climbing on something, anything???

Or even just a baby climbing INTO something? They don't really seem to mind so long as they are still climbing. What is a mother to do? No really, what? Is this just the next portion of toddlerhood? The next phase of growing up?

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