Tuesday, February 24, 2009

To Pierce Or Not To Pierce...

Well, that WAS the question up until yesterday afternoon when Ruari decided that it was in fact time to get her ears pierced. She's been thinking about it for years actually, going back and forth on whether or not she really truly wanted to commit to earrings, and for the most part the decision was fairly easy for her....she wasn't ready. Then over the course of the last 10 months she had a change of heart, but I asked her to wait it out just to make sure it was lasting.

"Let's just wait a few months and see if you still feel the same way," I would tell her during her nightly tuck ins when she would bring it up. Above all else, I really wanted this to be HER decision either way and certainly not one that she rushed into. I had Maija's ears pierced for her when she was 2 years old, she didn't get a meaningful say in the matter and this has occasionally been a lingering regret of mine over the years, although I am not entirely sure why. 

So yesterday afternoon was the BIG event, and Ruari was as bold and brave as ever. Michaele and Coletta came along to offer encouragement and support, while Sidhe and I were the hand squeezers (and let me just tell you that girl has got a strong grip!). There was only one person working the piercing booth, which of course meant that she would have to do one ear at a time, something I didn't think about beforehand. I told Ruari that we could always wait for another day, an additional employee, but she had already picked out her lime green started studs, she had already been looking forward to it for months. She thought it over briefly and then confidently declared,  "Oh let's just GET IT OVER WITH!!!". 
And so we did.

Two earrings and one trip to the candy store later we were all set to head back home and show off her sparkly gems. 

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