Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Three random tidbits for today....

1) I cannot believe that in all of our Valentine's madness I forgot to mention perhaps the most important (and sweet) morsel of all: Apple bread. When Brendan and I first met about 5 years ago, we set up a play date for the girls that just so happened to fall on a Valentine's day. When Brendan arrived to drop Sidhe off he came with a flower bouquet and some homemade apple bread that was fresh from the oven and still warm. Needless to say he stayed for the play date and then some. Apple bread will undoubtedly remain a part of our Valentine traditions for many years to come.

2) Yet another hat, ANOTHER hat, but I just cannot help myself since it is soooooo adorable! This one is for Ruari and I just finished it last night, although I still need to tie up some loose ends. From start to finish this project took approximately 11 hours (over the course of 3 days) and while I did follow a general pattern I also made up some of the details as I went, like the purled rows and the stripes. The I-Cord was a first time attempt for me and not nearly as confusing as I had originally thought. Brendan got me a couple of knitting books for V-Day and I am slowly, gradually, timidly moving into new knitting territory. Still not ready for sweaters, but I am going to learn a few new stitches this week.

3) Unfortunately there does not appear to be any time for new projects in my immediate future since THIS is what is waiting for me right baskets of laundry (they just won't all fit in the frame). Brendan was kind enough to oversee the actual washing but now I get the joy of folding it all. Just another exciting day in the life of a stay at home domestic goddess.

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