Monday, February 9, 2009

Round We Go

I am a crafty lady, or so I like to think, yet lately my crafty nature has been taking a break, playing second fiddle to my gym bag and my goggles. I have been spending all of my spare time, all of my precious "me" time on working out, swimming laps, walking and going to Nia class. Any craft time was eaten up by exercise time. As always, finding a balance is much harder than you think it will be and I have been missing my crafties.

This weekend I finally decided to tackle a new project. 
Knitting in the round.

I have dabbled with my needles for many years now, but have never gotten serious with them, or finished an actual project. I did give Sarah a scarf last winter, but that one doesn't count as it was originally intended to be a baby blanket for the twins and I simply cast off early once I grew bored with it. I still view it as a failure.

So this weekend I was bound and determined to cast on and COMPLETE a work of yarn art.............or maybe even two. Knitting in the round isn't nearly as intimidating as I once thought, and while I am nearly positive that my self taught technique could use some pointers, I am still rather proud of the finished products.

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