Monday, February 2, 2009

The Catwalk

We had a very lazy weekend. Very lazy indeed. Not much to report, other than we had an impromptu fashion show yesterday as a festive way of welcoming February into the fold. Oh how the babies love the catwalk.

Although to be honest, Nuala did grow weary of all the attention after a while and tried to flee the scene. Unfortunately she was surrounded by paparazzi and couldn't break away.

And since we are just having a little bit of harmless fun today I figured why not let you in on a little secret of mine.....Shoes.
Now that the twins are walking, they need to wear shoes on occasion (yes I realize the Pumas are a tad large, but for $8 I couldn't pass them up) and I am a BIG fan of soft soles for their little tootsies.

Can you guess which ones are my favorite?

You got it, these Baby Botte buckle butterfly shoes once belonged to Maija. I have saved them for 10 years in their original box, tissue paper and all only to find that by the time Nuala began walking her feet were already too big for these beauties......

Back in the box they go!

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