Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Before and After

Well as promised, here are all the before and after shots we took while renovating the girl's "dormitory". This space is actually the original attic of the house and had been used as an office prior to us moving in. The carpet was grey and the walls were white with some grey accents, we knew that we would need to slap some paint on was simply a matter of when. Finally, finally this past March we decided to get to work and the results were breathtaking! It's true what they say, a coat of paint can make the world of difference in changing the space in which you live. I am happy to report that the girls are all very pleased with the improvements to their bed room, and judging by these photos, who wouldn't be?

These last two are just a couple of extra shots, we had a fun time painting various odds and ends a nice hue of purple in order to match the room. Ruari and I even sewed a new blanket and pillow set for her doll's cradle. We really are going to have to lay down new carpeting before winter arrives, but for now we are just enjoying this new retreat!

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Emily S. said...

Hi, Samantha-- Thanks for the comment on my blog! and WOWZA most of my life is more complicated than it looks! LOL!

But let's talk about this GORGEOUS attic space you did! AMAZING! I love the wood floor reveal, and the hints of purple on the bottom half of the walls, and the curtains... and JUST WOW. Nice work!!

Also, what an amazing tale-- nine kiddos, eh?? Congrats! You seem marvelous!