Monday, April 27, 2009

The Crib

I must admit that I have done very very little to actually get ready for the arrival of June8ug. You know, we have practically everything we need for a baby, infant car seat(s), Baby Bjorn, swing, bouncy seat, Bumbo, play mat(s), about a million and one baby outfits suitable for either a boy or a girl. I mean, you name it and we've probably got it. The one thing we don't have is a crib. Well, I take that back, we actually have TWO cribs, but it just so happens that they are both being used at this very moment by two hushed and lullabyed toddlers who are sleeping very peacefully. Initially, and even up until a few days ago, we figured that June8ug would make do with a pack n' play or a cradle or heck maybe even a cardboard box until the twins were ready to give up their cribs and graduate to toddler beds. I mean what's the point of having 3 cribs when in just a few short months we won't have a need for 2 of them? Seems kind of silly to buy another one now........or at least it did. I guess the nesting bug has finally caught up with me, because ever since last week it has been bothering me, really bothering me, that the baby still doesn't have a place to lay her little head once she joins us at home. 

I have actually been nesting for quite some time now, but I took advantage of it to get some other projects done around the house. We cleaned out the garage, we gave the girls a brand new bedroom, we organized our entire basement storage room (ok, this one is a slight exaggeration, but you should have seen it before I 'tidied' it even just half way), why we even remodeled our entire living room for crying out loud! The nesting that I've experienced during this pregnancy has benefited our entire family, well everyone that is EXCEPT for June8ug! I've been very practical and patient, knowing that we have all the necessities, the fact that they are all in storage didn't bother me. I've been biding my time, knowing that all my labors are late to start and slow to develop and so I've been waiting to really get prepared. During Maija's pregnancy I got every single detail finished weeks before she arrived, and I spent those final weeks surrounded by a million lovely baby items without a lovely baby in my arms. Which didn't matter to me then because I had the luxury of time and space and quiet. I spent hours in her nursery, folding baby clothes, organizing her changing table and most importantly DAYDREAMING about life with a new baby and the ways in which my transition into motherhood would forever change me as a woman. I feel guilty admitting this, but with 7 kids running around here nowadays, I don't get a lot of time for daydreaming, at least not the productive kind. You know the daydreaming which inspires you to sort out the baby clothes and pre-wash them? The kind that motivates you to pre-stack all the diapers and arrange the baby lotions and ointments in a neat little row? The type of daydreaming that warrants a trip to Babies R Us to buy a crib?!? No, most of the daydreaming that takes place between June8ug and me occurs after I have dragged my weary body off to bed. I hug June8ug, surround her with my love, imagine what those tiny toes are up to in there and fall asleep almost immediately. Not exactly the type of daydreaming that gets the job done, the crib assembled, the swing brought up from storage or the itsy-bitsy diapers stacked.

Well all of that has changed my friends! Once it started bothering me that the baby does not in fact have a place to sleep yet, well everything else just started falling into place, and this is what we now HAVE to do while daydreaming about June8ugs arrival.......

Not exactly a crib quite yet, but you can't have a crib without a fresh coat of paint now can you? And you definitely can't have a fresh coat of paint without stripping the walls of their paper, right? And you certainly can't strip the wallpaper without taking apart three bookshelves hmmmm? And you absolutely cannot take apart three bookshelves without finding new homes for approximately 400 books, no? And the list goes on and on and on, but I figure you get the picture? June8ug will be sharing our room until s/he is ready to join the twins in the nursery. My LONG term goal for this is to have a bunk bed with a trundle pull out, but for now there does not seem to be a way to avoid buying another crib, so 3 cribs for 3 peanuts it is! But first, the dreaded wallpaper project.......

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