Thursday, April 2, 2009


I love shopping resale and here's why.......

I just bought 13 items for less than $40! 
Sadly most of it was for Nuala, what is it with the blatant disparity between boy and girl clothing? I can always find cute stuff for our girls and yet it is like pulling teeth to shop for the boys in this house!

Don't get too upset, Oscar didn't walk away empty handed from our shopping trip.....and to be honest, I am more in love with his "new" shoes than all of Nuala's clothing combined! They are perfect in every way, the colors, the velcro (no tying necessary), the price ($6, what?) and the fact that they seem to be poking fun at labels and brand names in general.

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Dervisevic Twins Sultan & Caliph said...

Everything is adorable, I know what you mean with buying things for boys, it's just so hard. I will give Edin credit for buying really cute stuff for great prices! The "kicks" are so adorable, Edin would buy it for the boys too, good choice!