Sunday, April 19, 2009


I recently overheard these hilarious conversations between the kids....
The first of which occurred while we were at a park this past week.

Ruari: Nuala is so fat, she is sooooo fat! (which for the record is not entirely off the mark)

Sidhe: (horrified) Ruari! DON'T talk like that about poor little Noodle.....(this is Nuala's nickname)

Maija: Nuala is a RAVIOLI noodle.....(as if ravioli is an acceptable way to say "fat")

Ruari: Yeah! That would make Oscar a Ramen Noodle!!!!!

*So there you have it, whatever noodle you're in the mood for we've got em all! The next conversation took place yesterday as the girls were cleaning up their art room.*

Sidhe: I am dying! (apparantly cleaning will do this to you)

Maija: (laughing) No you're not.

Sidhe: Well if for some reason I AM really dying, could someone please tell Finn that it doesn't feel like tickling!

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