Sunday, April 26, 2009


Who could have ever guessed that bubbles would keep a group of children wildly entertained for days and days and days? It seems that even the older ones are wishing that their Easter baskets had come complete with bubble wands. Here they are just goofing around....

The cheapest and most entertaining products I've stumbled upon have been: Bubbles, balloons and card board boxes! At Micah and Finn's birthday celebration Oscar played inside of this box for what felt like hours!

As for the allure of balloons, well I think that's fairly self explanatory. The night before Micah's 5th birthday we snuck into his room while he was fast asleep and left nearly 25 balloons floating around on his ceiling, so that when he woke up he was completely surrounded by them. It was a big hit!

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Anonymous said...

Awe! It's so cute watching the older kids play with the babies! Ours love playing with their older cousins; couldn't imagine being able to do that everyday! You've got a beautiful family!!!