Thursday, May 28, 2009

Confirmation Call

Maija tested positive.

The confirmation call came as a complete slap in the face.
She is fine.
Has made a full recovery in less than 48 hours.
Micah however has not.
He is achy.
Telling me that he keeps seeing strange things.
That his eyes hurt.
That he is scared.

What do you tell a six year old when they are afraid to shut their eyelids?
How do you plan ahead for preventative measures that you aren't even sure your family needs?
Which road do you choose?

Maija's case was very mild probably due to the fact that she had a casual exposure.
Unfortunately Micah's exposure to HER was anything but casual since they are siblings who live together full time.
His case seems much more severe.

Finn is getting preventative treatment no matter what since he'll be traveling.
As for the rest of the children, I think we'll hold off.
But what about the gown ups who run this operation?
What happens if we get sick?
Even 48 hours is too long to be out of commission, especially right now.

There is no way I can imagine bringing a newborn into this situation and I can only hope that June8ug will hold out a little bit longer until things calm down and blow over.

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:pG said...

oh no... my niece and sister had a horrible infection and had to have lots of antibiotics immediately after delivery. I know how scary it is! I can only say that you have to be vigilant. And you of course are already doing that. Watch for any changes in each of the family members.

Will be thinking about you. If you need anything, holla.