Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Just Because

Alright, these photos were obviously taken LAST summer, August to be exact, but they are just so darn cute I couldn't resist! Now that I have learned how to enlarge my photos I sure am taking advantage of posting some random shots Just Because. Just because I feel like it, just because I think they're cute, just because maybe I have nothing else to say today and perhaps maybe Just Because I can. 

Now would you just look at Oscar's goofiness and Nuala's gumption!?!

And since this day is all about nothing or rather a bunch of Just Becauses, I wanted to share these beautiful eyes with you. Nuala's eyes have always been quite extraordinary, and they stayed blue for a good six months after she was born which threw me off a little bit although I'm not sure why, I mean have you seen my husband? She has finally settled on brown, but they still remain rather light to this very day. Oscar on the other hand has very dark eyes just like me and Micah.

I really need a new camera, or should I say I really WANT a new camera, maybe even more than a new stroller (gasp). Just because I think we'll get more bang for our buck with a camera, just because I take about 5,000 pictures a year, just because my flash totally bites the big one and maybe just because I like to torture Brendan a little bit now and again with all this talk about all the big expensive items I think we should invest in! Cue laughter......

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