Monday, May 4, 2009

Shipment Confirmation

Isn't there something so wonderful about getting one of those "your order has been shipped" emails? I just LOVE it. Maybe it's just the greedy consumer in me or maybe it's because I RARELY order stuff online. Either way, I am big fan of snail mail, it always puts a smile on my face and it doesn't even have to be a brown box either, why just this morning we got a post card from Ireland that still has me grinning. There is just something so nice about finding a treasure mixed in amidst all the junk. So here is what is being sent to me right this very second~ 

I figure that this single passenger will get us through the summer and will go rather nicely with the double we already own, which looked like this when it was brand new~

This is the Kolcraft Contours Options Tandem and we've been using it since the twins were 5 days old. Like any double, it has it's drawbacks, but overall it has been a wonderful stroller for us and I really like that the seats are reversible. This aspect alone is what sold me on it in the first place. The fact that the basket holds up to approximately $60 worth of groceries simply sweetened the deal once I started doing solo shopping trips. If you are expecting twins and will be using your infant car seats with this stroller you will need to call Kolcraft and purchase an additional car seat attachment bar as it only comes with one. Here we are on our first family walk after bringing the babies home~

And here we are last spring when they graduated to the actual seats~

It will be sort of nice having a single stroller around, I just realized last night that we don't have one handy for those rare moments when we head out with only one baby in tow.

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