Monday, May 25, 2009

Six Years In The Making

Ruari and I spent a couple of our afternoon hours making another blanket for June8ug. Remember when I first became convinced that number eight is a girl? I made a beautiful pink blanket for her and then announced it to the world (refresh memory here) all the while feeling very confidant that I was in fact correct. Well, what if I'm not? At the time I remember saying that if I was wrong I would simply come home from the hospital and make a new blanket for our new little boy, because obviously that makes perfect sense seeing as how I will be chipper and bright eyed and feeling oh so crafty with oddles of spare time to devote to the sewing machine.
I am rather relieved we got the second blankie done today and now have a "his" along with a "hers" waiting for whomever decides to arrive on the scene.

What's really special about this particular blankie is that is has been 6 years in the making. I used some fabric from Micah's layette that I have saved since his birth 6 years ago. He had this farm pattern in a gown, a snap romper and a receiving blanket. Somewhere along the way I cut up the romper, great idea I know, because I was going to use it in a quilting project that never quite made it off the cutting room floor. I was thrilled to discover the romper remnants today and decided to use them in this project instead.

Although the romper never made it past 2004, I DID manage to hold onto the original gown and blanket, I just LOVE this pattern!

As you can see, Oscar got a great deal of use out of both items, and you can bet that June8ug will as well.....

(opps this ^one ^ is actually Nuala)

I wish I had some scanned pictures of Micah wrapped up in the blanket, for he too spent his first days, weeks and months snuggled up in this very same thing!

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