Monday, May 11, 2009

Eleven Candles

Maija turned 11 this past Friday and as you know I was at a loss for words once all the wishes were made and the candles blown out. Maija has played such an important part in my life that I still don't even know where to begin or what words would fit into a bottled message for you. Just know this, she is the purest and most graceful form of love that anyone could ever in an entire lifetime hope to surround their heart with. I feel truly blessed and grateful, and well quite frankly rather astonished at times, that she is a part of me, a piece of my family and my history, past and present and the legacy I shall leave behind on this earth. 
And that's that. 

Maija led me to Sidhe and Sidhe led me to Brendan and together Brendan and I led ourselves to this blended family schmorgisborg buffet.

It is hard to realize that your children are beginning to grow at an accelerated pace that perhaps you were not prepared for. I desperately want to honor her, to live in the moment and to embrace the fact that our journey together will remain constant and full of the joys we have encountered thus far, but there is another part of me that wishes for time to freeze temporarily. A part of me that aches to reclaim a stake of the childhood she is so rapidly leaving behind her. It is becoming more and more apparent to me with each passing year just how short true childhood really is and just how quickly it outgrows you whether or not you want it to. So here we are, mother and daughter. One looking forward and one looking back.

And here we are last year, yep LAST YEAR, when she turned 10. It feels like the BLINK of an EYE ago......

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